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Own it

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Accountability is a big word. Yet, as big and all-encompassing and sometimes ambiguous as it may be, it boils down to this: own your shit.

That means you stop pointing the finger at others. It means being fully aware every, single moment of every, single day. It means taking on total control over that for which you are 100% responsible – and that is you. Own your shit.

So, what does owning your shit look like in our everyday lives?

It means that when you want something, you make a plan, prepare and execute. It’s really that simple. Life is going to do what it’s going to do. But the more you make a plan, prepare and execute with the intention of succeeding, the more likely you are going to be to own it more powerfully.

Let’s start with a classic situation we’ve all been through that’s a prime example of how we can own our shit powerfully by planning, preparing, and executing strategy – a job interviews.

Here’s what owning -your-shit-accountability looks like in a job interview.

Do your homework. This goes beyond Googling the company or clicking through their website to learn their messaging about their products, services, philosophies, or team members. Do your homework. Connect with people on LinkedIn, and ask for a moment of their time. In my industry, I connect personally with my clients who are familiar with other products and ask for their opinion on a company, products, services, employees.

Prepare yourself. There are books, e-books, websites that can give you a plethora of q’s and a’s and what the interviewer is looking to hear from you. These sites will show you good and bad and answers. Customize your approach to fit who you are and what you are interviewing for. Prepare appropriate, intelligent questions to ask back to them, so the interviewer knows you are interested in not only their company, but also this current opportunity and its long-term potential.

Practice the questions. Ask a trusted friend, mentor or colleague to quiz you on potential interview questions, so you can feel as comfortable and prepared as possible for the actual interview. You want to be prepared for absolutely any question they might throw your way.

Dress well. The old adage is true – dress for the job you want.

Be bold and brief. Your answers should be strong and confident; your delivery should be calm and deliberate. Your demeanor should be relaxed and engaged. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarity in a question or double check to make certain you have answered the question to the satisfaction of the interviewer.

Close the interview – and ask for thoughts or feedback. Ask if the interviewer sees you as a fit, why or why not, and then address any concerns accordingly.

Remember – owning your shit is really about harnessing your personal power. When you make the decision to harness that personal power, you are re-inventing accountability for yourself, and you’re setting a strong example for everyone else.

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