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10 Easy Ways to Be Kind This Week

I write a lot about really tough, emotionally complicated and culturally big issues. We’re talking subtle sexism, sexual harassment, workplace relations and politics, learning when, why, how to say ‘no’ – and make sure the other person knows you mean it. It can all feel heavy. I know that. I feel it.

As much as these conversations are a reality of life in 2018, so is this – we are more control than we realize.

We have a choice as to how we handle or control the icky-sticky challenging; and we have a choice as to how we handle or control the good, the positive, the light. I want to focus on the latter this week.

Because, at the end of the day, being kind is what changes the world.

So this week, I ask you to check yourself because every, single day we have countless, easy opportunities to extend kind.

Here are 10 easy ways to be kind this week.

1. Open a door for someone and hold it; don’t let it slam shut on the person behind you.

2. Make eye contact – and mean it.

3. Say hello – and mean it.

4. Smile – and mean it. Sharing a smile will change the course of someone else’s day, and we never know what someone else is dealing with on any given day.

5. Ask someone a question about his or her life – and get off your mobile to really, truly listen to his or her response.

6. Offer a random act of kindness – buy someone else’s coffee or lunch.

7. Pay attention to those you love the most. Where can you add sparkle to their day with some kindness? It’s easy to forget to be kind to those closest to us. Make it a priority.

8. Surprise someone. Maybe grab their favorite coffee drink as a surprise before your meeting or make their favorite dinner for no reason. Even a small, handwritten note can be a great surprise.

9. People are going to fuck up – do NOT be unkind. Why throw gasoline on someone’s already smoldering fire? Just keep sending love.

10. Say thank you sincerely and often. Again, say it first and foremost to those ALWAYS there for you and then to the random people with whom you cross paths. Thank you is kind. Thank you says I appreciate you, and I value you.

These efforts are small – yet mighty. They’re powerful in a couple of different ways, but mainly because they encourage you to stop thinking about just yourself. They encourage you to be curious about what’s going on with those around you.

And remember – kindness is reciprocal; we absolutely get what we give.

That’s my not so sexy truth.

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